You Tube, I Tube, We All Laugh For…

ah_youtubeWe’ve all had those days where discovering the newest viral video is the only highlight. Whether it be hearing about it in the office, the girl next to you in class, or just the run of the mill social network, the funniest new YouTube clip will find you. I was reminiscing on some of my collection. As a simple disclaimer I must mention that I medicinally take in a lot of cannabis and YouTube is my best friend during my journey for entertainment. Have you ever ended up in the strange part of YouTube? Lets just say you can’t un-see the removal of a bot fly.

  1. Teddy Has an Operation – zefrank1
  2. Sad Cat Diary – zefrank1
  3. Sad Dog Diary – zefrank1
  4. End of Ze World – unknown
  5. Spiders on Drugs – unknown
  6. Cat-Friend vs Dog Friend (part 1 & part2) – fatawesome
  7. Talking Beaver on the Highway – klaatu42
  8. Sesame Street Censored (The Count) – unknown
  9. Siri Argument – College Humor
  10. Panda Cheese Commercials – unknown

I would go into a long explanation about why I like each individual one, but really the titles should say it all. Warning, there is a lot of animal related stuff on here. Part of being an Ashaholic is putting up with my crazy, and one of the biggest contributions to that is my obsession with cute things. I’ll have another post like this; that I am sure of. More weed is to be smoked and more mindless interweb surfing to be had! It is now late (or early) on a Monday morning and in 6 hours time I’m waking up to get a facial. No, perv….I’m having a spa day, not bathing in bodily fluids. Well…maybe around lunchtime, we’ll see. Until next time, and stay thirsty my friends.

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