Women’s Traveling Tips

ah_travelI’d like to think I’ve become a bit of a Jedi in the traveling department, especially for a girl. Now, my system works if you’re not high maintenance. On a scale of 1 – Lady Gaga, I would say I’m about a 5. My clothing style is simple, comfortable (especially when traveling) and lightweight. It also helps to have a makeup regimen that fits in a small pouch. Lastly, I have the packing skills of a military brat. So ladies…heres my basics based on a 5-7 day trip (for any weather conditions, except arctic):

1. LEGGINGS – not only are yoga pants mens new favorite public lingerie, they match with everything and they’re easy to travel with. Unlike jeans, they won’t weigh down your bag and are easy to roll up for extra space. My favorite are fleece lined for colder conditions.

2. LAYERS – I like to bring a couple tank tops, long sleeve shirts, cardigans, a jacket, and of course a pair of denim.

3. TRAVEL SIZE PRODUCTS – I’m not much for hotel products myself, unless I’m in a 5 star hotel. Although I’ll still go to a drugstore and buy travel size products from the following: toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, facemask (I need my treatments even on the go!), body wash, face moisturizer, and lotion. Another hack: get roller balls, or sample sizes of your favorite perfumes!

4. MINIMAL SHOES – The most I’ll ever travel with for heels is one pair of flats (for my style usually biker boots), one pair of black heels, and one pair of heeled boots. All bases covered and I’m usually wearing the flat boots to the airport.

5. FALL JACKET – This is the light jacket I mentioned in the layering section! Not wool so you get too hot, but heavier than your sweaters worn underneath.

6. CIRCLE SCARVES – I’m so in love with these! You can convert them from a scarf, hood, dress, skirt, and so much more. These are the best for avid traveling of unpredictable weather! I found mine at American Apparel but if you stay tuned I’ll be making them and selling them soon!

7. ONE DRESSY OUTFIT – My rule is, never underestimate the power of the little black dress!

8. STRATEGIC MAKE UP – A lot of women make the mistake of packing too many products, and with travel we are all aware of how limited out liquids are for carry one. Being so I love to keep it simple with just a couple pallets. I have a foundation pallet for foundation and contouring, and one with natural eye shadows paired with blush and bronzer. After that all I need is my eyeliner, mascara, and make up brushes. Lip balm or color always!

9. LOW MAINTENANCE HAIR (or beanie) – I rarely even entertain the make up idea, and if I do I keep it light, but hair is another thing! Having short hair was low maintenance and easy, and now that my hair is long i’m a huge fan of the braided messy updos. When in doubt, travel with a beanie!

10. TIDE TRAVEL SOAP – I can’t stress this little trick enough. Plans always. Hangs upon traveling or you may find you’re short on something and too much of another. These little travel packs help you do laundry while you’re away for cheap! I hand wash items in the sink and let them dry or blow dry them.

11. MILITARY PACKING STYLE – If this is your first time hearing this term, Google some of the strategies and thank me later. Essentially it’s using the square space of your back to the max but rolling and Tetris style staking your items. It saves room and hassle! For most cases it will also keep clothing wrinkle free.

Here’s a no make up selfie of myself in traveling ninja action

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