Wishes and Goals

fitness-inspirational-quotes-tumblr-4913I remember as a kid, wishing…..staring at the clouds just wishing for my future. I wished to be beautiful, happy, successful, and loved. For years I carried around that pocketful of wishes with pride, all the way until I became a young adult. Then one day I needed those wishes, because I needed them to come true. I looked in my pocket and realized it was empty, and all there was was a pocket full of pride. My pocket weighed heavy, as pride isn’t easy to carry. Over time it outweighed all my wishes, because my pride didn’t allow me to make any of them come true.

Do you know what a goal is, without a plan? Its just a wish. Wishes, like clouds, just dissipate and float away in the wind. Not even pride can hold them down. I had to put my pride aside, and love myself. I had to tell myself and believe on my own that I am beautiful – both in and out. Learning to do those two things made me happy because I worked for them, not wished for them. And lastly….

SUCCESS….it was not given to me. I didn’t sit around and wish for it. I made a goal to be successful, and the foundation that made it strong was my plan to get there. Everyday I built upon that foundation and I worked hard…harder than ever before.

So I ask you…how long are you going to keep wishing? How long will it take you to empty your pockets of all the weight, pride, and excuses you’ve been carrying? The world is out there for your taking – Its just in you to make the change.

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