Why I Hate the Internet

image1Don’t get me wrong, the Internet is a beautiful thing. You can access information from and about anywhere/anything in the world and never leave your home. You can sit in your pjs, like I do, and learn new languages or skills. From the comfort of the close proximity of our kitchens and refrigerators, you and I can talk to people all the way across the world! (As I’m writing this I’m stuck in a 11 hour layover in Japan)

But instead, we don’t do much of that do we? Well I do, but most of you reading this don’t. As I post photos of my journeys traveling around the world and my excitement of my new career, I look forward to seeing the comments and inspiration that my fans share with me… Instead, but not always, I find something very different: “do u lik sukkin dik?”
Well no, not as much as you like sucking dick at grammar and spelling, random guy that abuses his amazing gift of freedom of speech and ability to access the Internet. They say that you shouldn’t lose faith in our youth because any child could grow up to be the next to cure cancer… But I see all these potential scientist and world leaders crying on their status about how their parents won’t buy them new next iDouche accessory. Next to that are the fans of celebrities and gorgeous women on social media…They now have an opportunity that men didn’t have 15-20 years ago where they actually have a chance to ask their fantasy woman ANYTHING, and what comes out of their lack of brains to hands?  “I wanna stick it in your butt”. REALLY?! It’s no surprise to me that life and dating coaching are on the rise, as we’ve lost all communication skills by opening up communication in this common day.
So for one day, instead if the Internet being your entry into that porn filled rabbit hole, or your number one resource for discreetly stalking your ex… Or even your secret Twitter to troll on people because you hate yourself… Why not learn something? Just one day, read on something to improve yourself. Self healing, grammar, spelling, languages… Hell I don’t even care if it’s proper sex ed! Just for me please, and share what you learned in the comments.
Lastly, think before you post. Things are the Internet are becoming more impressionable to others view of you daily. Would you conduct yourself like that in real life? If not, maybe keep it to yourself and not tell Twitter, Facebook, etc. More and more employers are looking at social media to see the real personality of their potential hires (yeah I’m literally screwed and that’s why I’m my own boss! The was my lesson to learn). Divorce rates rose with the popularity of Facebook and I suspect even more with the uncensored media of Twitter. Just because it’s on the web and you can’t see the people you’re talking to doesn’t mean no ones listening… A lot of people are so speak wisely my kittens.
Thanks for listening to my rant!
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