What Would You Do?

image…for a night with myself, Ash Hollywood? You Ashaholics came up with some great answers! Some were funny, and sweet while others were pretty extreme. Thanks for replying and having such a good time with me on twitter!

What would you do for Ash?

@Tulo_2: Whatever you ask.
@StevenA2121: Make you a really good peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
@MarcoSuess85: Anything!
@KwallaceR: treat you with the respect and honesty you deserve. Treat you like a Princess!!!
@Lord_of_sin2: drop college, move to where you are and leave everything behind, because ill woo you and be with you and have great nights
@XxPlasterxX: Sell my girlfriend
@MatthewMorg: steal a klondike bar for you.
@THEREALKELVIN_7: ANYTHING!!! HOW are you today?
@TonyTooFar: fly us out to Mexico
@ocularnervosa: whatever you wanted, even if all you wanted was a foot massage. :)
@natem1991: I don’t know that the there is really a limit on what I would do haha
@JuanMoreno_88: whatever it takes!
@faymusone: anything you asked :)
@rdbls: who do you need dead?
@TimothyPatric: what would you want? To take your strap on, use me as your sex slut? Okay then?
@Nasty_Mike83: I’d have not one but two spoonfuls of Marmite!
@iAmTheOtherJ: that’s like asking what I would do for a Klondike bar…the possibilities are endless
@Raffaele_7_: m I would fill you with pleasure!
@dougdubs: Feed your hairless cat. :P
@Chris_Madsen: Eat a klondike bar.
@Gray_234: Not eat a Klondike bar
@seancain66: suck a dick.
@cjott420: would cut off my left (something) count as a worthy sacrifice? would
rather do a photoshoot with you
@Cory_Stricklin: take you back to Paris!
@Porntrumpet: Be honest and sincere.
@dennisackerman3: anything
@MisterJoeFixit: sit and watch the ocean and talk about anything u like.
@IanMcGillvray: I’d eat a Klondike bar ;)
@hbkd1973: a lot…
@MisterJoeFixit: maybe even read H.P. Lovecraft
@smallsubcuck: give you the keys to a chastity belt, become your favorite chastity slave, hopefully earn more nights thru great service.
@jodevan: I’d cross the hemispheres (from Brazil to US)
@Naughty_Wizard: I would drag my balls through a mile of broken glass just to feel the waft of your queef.
@davek187: I would fly you out to the UK for dinner
@StefaanDeStevig: Bake you a space cake and eat your pussy all night.
@burnley_coyle: Cash out my 401k
@sith138: I’d chew off 2 of my own fingers!

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