What Happened to Vivid XM?!


Don’t worry your pretty head… Were not lost! If you’re missing your favorite sexy radio station say no more! I’m here to help you.

Vivid Radio is now on channel 791 on XM Radio. If you car radio does not reach this channel you can download the free Sirius app and stream on a shockingly low bandwidth. We have 4 sexy live hours on ch 791! One of those hours is yours truly at 1pm pst on Mondays. Here we will discuss your fantasies and tease you over the phone.

On Tuesdays at 4pm Pst you will find me on VividRadio.com! To hear me download the app on our site to hear all 8 live hours of our station and an even bigger bonus! The later shows will finish you off as I know the earlier hosts have you hot and bothered! Were pleasers here at Vivid Radio and want your fantasy to become reality so give us a call at 855-99-VIVID!

Host of Tap That Ash and yours truly,
Ash Hollywood

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