Welcome to AshGirl.com!

Well fancy seeing you here ladies and gentlemen. This is the world of me, Ash Hollywood, one of the Juliland Universe’s own bad grrls. Richard Avery has given me the nickname Ash Grrl, and here and only here can you get up close and personal with me and my Hollywood havoc.

Just to give a small preview I will be sharing one blog a week, where YOU the fans and followers may chat and comment with ME! I can’t wait to hear what your twisted brains have to say, and even more to learn what all of you think! My other post for the week will be photos and videos found ONLY here with my most intimate moments with mastermind photographer, Richard Avery himself. Also, fresh meat added to our family is Scarlette Stone…one little fox I will hunt down soon enough, if I can ever catch her!

So everyone please adventure, explore, discover, learn, comment, and don’t forget to clean up your mess when you’re finished (nobody enjoys stepping in a puddle of cum).  When I’m not entertaining enough don’t forget to check out the rest of the family. We have grrls for days! So put on your seatbelts and hold on tight…this is going to be one insane ride.



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