Vivid Cabaret, New York

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Listeners of “Tap That Ash” and Ashaholics, I call you to join forces in the great city of New York! Vivid is coming to town to open their very own club, Vivid Cabaret, where the Vivid XM radio hosts will be broadcasting live from the dance floor and even making some feature appearances! That’s right we have created a chance for fans and the curious to see myself, Brandy Aniston, Kendall Karson, Monique Alexander, and Tera Patrick hypnotize you on stage and have some fun. At the same time witness all of us and a few more Vivid Legends while we sweet talk the radio on Vivid XM 102 late night live. Here’s the schedule for this week:

Wednesday 1/29 
11PM: Brandy Aniston (Dance)
1AM: Ash Hollywood (Dance)

Thursday 1/30
10PM: Monique & Brandy (XM 102)
11PM: Brandy & Kendall (XM 102)
11PM: Monique Alexander (Dance)
12PM: Ash & Kendall (XM 102)
1AM: Kendall Karson (Dance)

Friday 1/31
10PM: Ash & Brandy & Tera (XM 102)
11PM: Brandy and Monique (XM 102)
11PM: Ash Hollywood (Dance)
12PM: Ash & Kendall (XM 102)
12PM: Tera Patrick (Dance)
1PM: Brandy Aniston (Dance)

Saturday 2/1
10PM: Monique & Kendall (XM 102)
11PM: Kendall Karson (Dance)
11PM: Ash & Monique & Tera (XM 102)
12PM: Tera Patrick (Dance)
12PM: Ash & Brandy (XM 102)
1AM: Monique Alexander (Dance)

Were really excited to be there and can’t wait to see those who can join us! If you can’t make it in person pleased tune into Vivid Radio XM 102!

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