Warning, if you are equipped with a penis, please, go no further. This will not be a pleasant blog for you, although you might find it entertaining. Being so this is a blog on VAGINAL HYGENE. I’ve been in the industry two years and just like your car needs maintenance, so do your sweet Jennies (genitalia).

Grrls listen up! I’m going to turn your fish taco into a sweet honey comb. Lets start with the basics: shaving. When shaving make sure you’re using a fresh sharp razor, but please take your time and caution. I’ve shaved off a chunk of my patch on accident more than once (don’t drink and shave). I like to shave everything in a bath so my skin is nice and soft, and I always apply vitamin E oil after or Desitin.  These are key factors to not getting shave bumps.

Wash every day with anti bacterial soap, and please quit fearing the douche ESPECIALLY BEFORE SCENES.  It is true, if you douche too often you can have complications, but thats only if you’re using the vinegar and water solution provided in the douche each time. Its too harsh on the sensitive skin for frequent use. Before scenes, or days you’re not feeling fresh, simply dump the solution, rinse with water, and fill with filtered water. The PH is neutral in bottled water and will not irritate your Jennies. Make sure the water is warm or room temp.

Always make sure pre-scene or date that you’re all douched out. Its a courtesy to the other person, and very appreciated. Also to keep from getting any icky infections or irritations I like to clean out after a scene. Especially if a man is marking his territory and cream pie-ing me. Remember a man’s load is foreign to your body and marinates up there if you leave it. Please don’t. Gross. This is why girls smell fishy…so please be kind and douche.

Another tid bit: find what is comfortable for you to work on set with your period. Some grrls use make up sponges, although I’ve found I’m allergic to a chemical in them. Other options are sea sponges, although those tend to be rough on a guys sensitive head.

LUBRICATION IS KEY! Protect your jewels and find a good lube. The best comes from a nice clean mouth full of spit. I found the hard way I’m allergic to silicone which caused me to tear my vag while working with Billy Glide (aka Beer Can Billy). So PLEASE be careful! I use water based lubes with light formulas or spit :D Don’t tear your sweet lil flower!

Lastly, regular maintenance. Every week I douche with 2 tbs of hydrogen peroxide and I also take acidophilus (a probiotic) to keep all the good bacteria in my body. These pills also help your tummy so they’re good for you in many ways. I also take folic acid daily and cranberry pills for a healthy urinary tract. FEAR THE DOUCHE NO MORE! …unless that douche happens to be your boyfriend. Then, I truly have nothing I can help you with there :)

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