Twitter Answers

Simple. You asked, and I’m answering!

@TiffanyTylerxxx: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
No, no, it was a huge hassle getting pulled out of my mothers warm pouch.

@IllmaticNinja: Do you pee in the shower?
Do you pee anywhere else?

@Alex88102: Favorite sexual experience?
The one we’re having right now.

@Pornstars4vets: Girls or Boys? Which do you prefer?
Both, and at the same time. In Juliland we’re hunting for a unicorn.

@its_that_1_guy: What the fuck did Bill Murray say to Scarlett Johansson at the end of Lost in Translation?
I truly have no idea, I’ve never seen the movie. Here’s some good ol’ google magic:

@AlexanderGhali: What age are you?
Young enough to get in trouble and old enough to know better.

@stillnotdone If I were a fish and you caught me, but you knew it was me cause I’m Adam the fish, what would you do?
I would bring you home so you could hang out in my sweet fish-pad.

@Dakine7: One finger, or two?
I only need one to express how I feel, Darling.

@FredFranchiseYF: What was the last gift that a friend got you?
I received this lovely black and white party dress from a fan (unknown) to me and I would love to thank him.

@Az_Kenny_Man: You single? May I have your number?
Sorry love, I’m greatly unavailable.

@thinkgeek_: Do you have plans to visit Mexico soon?
Do you have plans to give me a reason?

@himeros1001: All that Plath didn’t make you want to give it all up?
No, I’m too determined to give up anything, and too vain to kill myself.

@jag7310: Do you like the taste of your own pussy?
Yes absolutely. If I didn’t I wouldn’t let anyone else near it.

@kinggeo2: Are you gonna do anal in the future?
I’m scared, will you go first?

@AngryTengu: Do you want hot sauce with that?
I just cooked jambalaya so….yes please!

@wicked_elysium: To pizza or not to pizza?

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