Toning Up

I recently started a very simple workout I want to challenge everyone to try for two months. I’m on a new health kick with a strict diet, and as we all know I’m not the most active person unless I’m ravishing some poor porn star. I decided I was going to make my work out simple because its easily been two years since I had a work out routine. This work out can be done while watching television. I prefer to do it in between during the commercial breaks.

Starting week one, do ten push ups, ten sit ups, ten lunges, and ten squats. Lastly, walk or run for at least 30 minutes ever single day of that week.  During week two you will begin to do twenty of each. Week three it increases to thirty, and week four increases to forty and so forth. By the eighth week your sets should be at eighty of each.

Now keep in mind that these sets do not have to be done all at once. I like to do half in the morning and half at night if I have a busy day. Otherwise the easiest way to pass the time is to perform reps while watching television and doing ten of each during commercial breaks until the daily work out is finished.

The fun part of this challenge is seeing how easy it becomes as long as I stay dedicated. Often, I even forget how many reps I’ve done and end up doing extra, which is quite beneficial. If you have a dog its makes the walking part even easier because you would walk them anyways! Have I mentioned the walks will help slim up the pooch too?

Don’t be afraid of becoming embarrassed if people see you doing this work out routine. Honestly anyone who has watched me get bored and start doing push up and sit ups in front of them has also started doing this work out. Its an easy way to beginning getting in shape if you’re too afraid to hit the gym or even don’t feel quite ready to do so. Comment on this blog and let me know if any of you have tried it!

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  • Mwn2025

    A very interesting workout idea… I’m going to try it out… Thanks..

  • Black Coty NYC

    Thanks Ash. I will include this with my normal workout routine. by the way u R really sexy!!

  • That actually sounds like a great workout, especially since I’ve been out of work since June. Getting kind of soft now since all I do during the summer at work is sweat my ass off & tone everything up inside that hotbox of a hub. LOL

  • Neuro

    walking really helps get of the pooch???

    • A cardio filled diet with high protein and low carbs gets rid of the “pooch area” :)

  • AliceFrost

    I am going to start this first thing when I get up tomorrow. Its @alicefrostxxx and not to sound all fangirly haha but I think you are freaking rad and I know if I took boot camp training with you (sexual and regular boot camp! Lol) I would learn so much about being a good little porn whore ;) I am so stoked you put this workout in a blog can’t wait to get my body back in shape!