Thank You!


Well before I thank everyone, let me say I’m sorry. This busy last year and January has been bad to me in the sense that it took me away from all of you! I haven’t been updating as much as I should so I would like to apologize to all the Ashaholics out there! Now back to our regular scheduled programming.

Its never too late to thank someone for the good they’ve brought you, but instead of ending last year with a “thank you,” I wanted to begin this year with one. I decided this year was the one I would give back to the supporters of myself the most. My Ashaholics are the ones that have brought me this far, and helped give me the courage to continue. I wouldn’t be here today without all the love I have received, and I’m blessed to come across an abundance of it.

One of my biggest supporters of them all through the years is of course my friend and mentor, Dick Avery. Richards love spreads far beyond milkshakes, rock music, and hot women. I’m so lucky to have had this genius on my team, and creator of – I love you Richard!

Many thanks to you Ashaholics, veterans and new. I’m proud to announce some changes are coming to the site! Keep up to date always at and my personal twitter: @Ashhollywood or @AshGrrl – Keep up to date for special offers and appearances!

Lastly, thank you to AVN and Xbiz for the nominations this year. I’ve worked very hard and I’m very excited to receive recognition from my peers. This years award shows were great and it was so good to see everyone there!

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