The Sex Awards

For the first year ever in Hollywood, CA there will be an award show called, The Sex Awards. It is the industries first ever consumer voted adult video award shows, and will be televised in January of next year. The actual award show will take place October 9th of this year and yours truly is presenting [...]

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Execution of Seduction

I’m sure many of you that claim to be addicted to the girl that goes by the name, Ash Hollywood, have always wondered what a night with her would be like. Well boys, put your dicks away and get out some pen and paper. It’s time to take notes. As for the ladies, you don’t [...]

20 Grrls

So is going through some really exciting changes as you will soon see. I'm adding as many fresh faces, and vaginas as I can to this site to make it the best I can for YOU. Deep in my drrty filthy thoughts I began making a list of all the grrls I want to [...]

Snowed In

Rumor has it a record setting blizzard is on its way to the Northeast coast. For all of my readers in that area I hope that you’ve prepared for an emergency, especially a blackout. As a kid growing up in the Midwest, we used to get snowed in frequently and it was one of my [...]