Rolling in Vegas

Dear Richard, Okay first off (and you may post this if you so wish) I only really got the rockstar up with the sun shots.....and that's because I'm hallucinating and rolling fucking nuts and I received an email so kindly asking for pics of my adventure in vegas....and so without further ado, and lights and [...]

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Welcome to!

Well fancy seeing you here ladies and gentlemen. This is the world of me, Ash Hollywood, one of the Juliland Universe’s own bad grrls. Richard Avery has given me the nickname Ash Grrl, and here and only here can you get up close and personal with me and my Hollywood havoc. Just to give a [...]

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Romance and Dick

I had the recent pleasure and honor of spending a splendid and romantic evening with none other than the infamous Richard Avery. We all know that Richard didn’t receive the nickname “Dick” just because it’s a common abbreviation for his first name. He can be a massive heart breaker and all of us grrls battle [...]

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