Holiday Cheer

Its that time of year again Ashaholics. We’re stuffed from Thanksgiving (still) and frantically running around trying to figure out all of our Christmas plans. Although, through all the chaos, sales, snowstorms, holiday headache, and anxiety of seeing the in-laws again…When was the last time you really considered what the holidays are about? Okay, yes [...]

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This Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Did you know that "Love" backwards spells "Evol"? Granted, I'm fully aware that it is spelled incorrectly, but here in the Juliland Universe we have Evol Grrls with lots of love to spread! I'm only a whopping twenty-five years young but in my quarter life it seems a few things snapped together in the synapses [...]

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words...or so this new Chad guy with a camera tells me over in Juliland. This new hipster hot shot and I got in a pretty heated debate about photo style and genius (which is never matched or surpassed when it comes to the art of Richard Avery). [...]

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