Wishes and Goals

I remember as a kid, wishing.....staring at the clouds just wishing for my future. I wished to be beautiful, happy, successful, and loved. For years I carried around that pocketful of wishes with pride, all the way until I became a young adult. Then one day I needed those wishes, because I needed them to [...]

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I Love Rollercoasters

I'm really not sure what kind of blog you were hoping for with that title, and quite honestly, it's been a short while since I wrote a fresh blog. So hot off my fingertips I'm sharing something special with my fans. This is an excerpt out of a journal entry of mine. I wanted to [...]

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Porn: The Stigma 

It's almost been five years since I, "sold my soul," as I endearingly say. It seems one can be forgiven for almost anything in modern day America...or can I? I am Ash Hollywood, and I am a porn star. Most of the day I spend my time like everyone else: stuck in traffic, ingesting caffeine [...]

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Extreme Dating

I’d like to call myself an extreme person. At least, in the past that’s how others have described me. I love to snowboard, wakeboard…and have a small collection of hobbies that could easily break my bones. Once I became a model the extreme didn’t end there. Soon, I was into BDSM and pushing not only [...]

From Mini to Adulthood

I think I can speak for most of us when I say that we all reflect on our childhood in different ways. Many of us constantly refer back to life lessons; motherly advice, fatherly demonstrations of strength, smells that remind us of a kitchen back when. The memories are there even if you don’t replace [...]

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