I Love Rollercoasters

I’m really not sure what kind of blog you were hoping for with that title, and quite honestly, it’s been a short while since I wrote a fresh blog. So hot off my fingertips I’m sharing something special with my fans. This is an excerpt out of a journal entry of mine. I wanted to […]

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Porn: The Stigma 

It’s almost been five years since I, “sold my soul,” as I endearingly say. It seems one can be forgiven for almost anything in modern day America…or can I? I am Ash Hollywood, and I am a porn star. Most of the day I spend my time like everyone else: stuck in traffic, ingesting caffeine […]

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Extreme Dating

I’d like to call myself an extreme person. At least, in the past that’s how others have described me. I love to snowboard, wakeboard…and have a small collection of hobbies that could easily break my bones. Once I became a model the extreme didn’t end there. Soon, I was into BDSM and pushing not only […]

From Mini to Adulthood

I think I can speak for most of us when I say that we all reflect on our childhood in different ways. Many of us constantly refer back to life lessons; motherly advice, fatherly demonstrations of strength, smells that remind us of a kitchen back when. The memories are there even if you don’t replace […]

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Spa Day

Everyone loves to treat him or herself… Especially me, but one of my goals this year was to save money, not spend it. I know I’m not the only one on this financial bandwagon because it’s pretty full. Now here is a comparison between spa costs, and stocking up for an at home spa, which […]

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There are all kinds of lies. There are the big lies we tell to save our asses, the small lies we tell to save our relationships, and the lies we tell ourselves. If I had a superpower it would be to tell if someone was lying, although that could also be a curse. I find […]