Ash at AVN

Hey my Ashaholics, as you know AEE/AVN is coming up.  I have a lot going on and you can be a part of it.  I'll be on air for @vividradiosxm channel 102 from 4-5pm Thursday the 16th and 4-6pm Friday the 17th. I'll be announcing the other booths I'm going to frequent soon.  I also have the immense delight [...]

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What happens in Vegas…

What happens in Vegas is ALL good in Vegas!  On January 21st, 2012 our amazing Bobbi Starr went to the AVN Awards and won the industries highest honor – Performer of the Year for 2012!  In my opinion, she deserved this award like no other.  She had an amazing year in 2011, performed for many [...]

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Rolling in Vegas

Dear Richard, Okay first off (and you may post this if you so wish) I only really got the rockstar up with the sun shots.....and that's because I'm hallucinating and rolling fucking nuts and I received an email so kindly asking for pics of my adventure in vegas....and so without further ado, and lights and [...]

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