June 2014 jGrrl Ash Hollywood

JULILAND NEWS: It’s summer and time for the our favorite jGrrl: Ash “Mutha Fuckin” Hollywood. If you know us and I’m sure you do, you know that Ash has been both jGrrl of the Year, jGrrl of the Month. Basically, she’s jGrrl 4 Life and pretty much gets whatever she wants around here. Her personal [...]

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May 2014 jGrrl Samantha Bentley

JULILAND NEWS: What can we say about our May 2014 jGrrl Samantha Bentley that we haven’t already said after ALL these years of working together? Simply this: we love Samantha more today than the day she joined the Juliland Universe! The more you get to know our English Rose the more there is to love! [...]

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Ash in ‘AG8’


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November 2013 jGrrl Andy San Dimas

JULILAND NEWS: Andy San Dimas may be a Baltimore babe, but she considers herself a lucky resident of sunny Hollywood, California.  After a mere four years of living on the West Coast, Miss. San Dimas has conquered the adult industry and snagged a couple coveted awards along the way.  Despite her notoriety and large fan [...]

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Ash in ‘AG26’


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October 2013 jGrrl Ash Hollywood

JULILAND NEWS: Since her 2010 break into the adult industry, Ash Hollywood has been successfully redefining the “blonde stereotype” and seducing us all in the process.  Her wit is ingenious, her humor is contagious and her work ethic is unparalleled.  All in all, it’s safe to say she’s one hell of a porn star.  But [...]

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