Execution of Seduction

I’m sure many of you that claim to be addicted to the girl that goes by the name, Ash Hollywood, have always wondered what a night with her would be like. Well boys, put your dicks away and get out some pen and paper. It’s time to take notes. As for the ladies, you don’t [...]


There is a survival tactic here in Los Angeles. I am proud to say I have survived my first year on the streets and highways of this city. In my trials and tribulations I have observed the herd and have come to know the ways of LA driving. First, you must know the types of [...]

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We all have some kind of obsession. I have a few, and because I get bored easily I do not have a favorite. First and foremost I’m obsessed with beautiful grrls, but that’s a given. The female form is so powerful, and beautiful, although fragile in nature. It’s a visual with strength and persuasion, like [...]

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