10 Healthy Things

So Ashaholics I'm not sure if you've picked up what I'm putting down lately, but not only is Doc Hollywood concerned with your sexual health, but also your physical health! So as your random health tid-bit of the month, here are 10 healthy things I'm eating and you should too! 1. Lemons - I put [...]

Guilty Pleasures

Some of my late night pleasures, besides fucking the brains out of the men and women that share my bed, are dishes of comfort food. No, this isn’t a sex with food blog. It’s a couple recipes of the deliciousness-ness I put in my little belly at night. Turkey Spinach Sandwich on Sourdough Bread 2 [...]

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We all have some kind of obsession. I have a few, and because I get bored easily I do not have a favorite. First and foremost I’m obsessed with beautiful grrls, but that’s a given. The female form is so powerful, and beautiful, although fragile in nature. It’s a visual with strength and persuasion, like [...]

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