HEY EVERYONE!  Well this is actually the last time ill be writing you in 2012.  Can you believe the year is already gone?  I was too busy shooting filthy scenes for all my lovely Ashaholics to notice. I LITERALLY just flew back home for the holidays and decorated our tree right off the plane.  I [...]

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Looking Back and Forward

HEY EVERYONE! Hope you guys had a great Halloween. I'll be posting some of my Halloween adventures to you in a blog very soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share some photos with you. I figured you Ashaholics would like these little gems because not a lot of people have seen them! Most [...]

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Holidays & NomNomNom

Happy Holidays everyone! Its that time of year again where traffic blows, shopping is open late, and everyone starts giving again. The holidays have always been my favorite. Personally, the holiday season starts for me at Halloween. Halloween is my absolute favorite, but I love Thanksgiving for the food, and Christmas is just all around [...]

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Thank you Thank you Thank you

So I have some long overdue thank you’s and shout outs to give to the world, and here we go! First and off I would like to personally thank Porn Star Tweets, Porn Star Road Trip and AEBN for so kindly inviting me out to Exxxotica NJ where I signed for them Saturday and Sunday. [...]

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