AEE/AVN 2015 Schedule

Well Ashaholics and porn lovers alike, it's that time of year again! It's award season! Along with our infamous award show, AVN, also comes the convention AEE. It's one of the few places each year you can meet your favorite pornstar in person. Are you excited? Well the show floor gets pretty crazy, so make [...]

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Ash at AVN

Hey my Ashaholics, as you know AEE/AVN is coming up.  I have a lot going on and you can be a part of it.  I'll be on air for @vividradiosxm channel 102 from 4-5pm Thursday the 16th and 4-6pm Friday the 17th. I'll be announcing the other booths I'm going to frequent soon.  I also have the immense delight [...]

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The Sex Awards

For the first year ever in Hollywood, CA there will be an award show called, The Sex Awards. It is the industries first ever consumer voted adult video award shows, and will be televised in January of next year. The actual award show will take place October 9th of this year and yours truly is presenting [...]

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A new year has arrived as were all aware and everyone is buzzing around trying to be the best of the best of themselves. I'm all for self improvement so I made a list of goals for this year for myself. Now, some of these may seem comical, although its recommended to have challenging and [...]

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HEY EVERYONE!  Well this is actually the last time ill be writing you in 2012.  Can you believe the year is already gone?  I was too busy shooting filthy scenes for all my lovely Ashaholics to notice. I LITERALLY just flew back home for the holidays and decorated our tree right off the plane.  I [...]

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