Gone Girl

I have a new addiction and its this book I’m reading called “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. I’ve never been into suspenseful novels in particular, but after reading half of this book I bought on a whim to keep me entertained on a long New York bound flight, I immediately went and purchased Flynn’s two [...]

10 Healthy Things

So Ashaholics I'm not sure if you've picked up what I'm putting down lately, but not only is Doc Hollywood concerned with your sexual health, but also your physical health! So as your random health tid-bit of the month, here are 10 healthy things I'm eating and you should too! 1. Lemons - I put [...]

A Peek Into A Week

So since I haven't been tweeting much lately, I'm sure all of you Ashaholics are just crawling out of your skin to know what I've been up to lately! Well here's a little bit of what I've been up to this last week.... I have a new tattoo now! I was invited to be part [...]

You Tube, I Tube, We All Laugh For…

We’ve all had those days where discovering the newest viral video is the only highlight. Whether it be hearing about it in the office, the girl next to you in class, or just the run of the mill social network, the funniest new YouTube clip will find you. I was reminiscing on some of my [...]

Funny People

So today, after a heavy drinking binge, I decided to compile a list of hilarious comedians. Now, I must warn the general public because I like highly abrasive comedy. I like the ones who aren't afraid to get down, dirty, and racist, no matter what their background. Why you may ask? Well, mainly because I'm [...]