Something dark and mischievous is brewing and everyone should be absolutely terrified. There is an Evol hiding in the darkness and it comes with a name ever so sweet – Aiden. Its been quite a long time since I encountered such Evol, and I have to say I truly missed it. So ladies and gentleman [...]

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I Love Dick

You know, things have been hard for me lately, as I’m sure you all of guessed from my tweets. I’ve had some personal things going on that have made my lack of communication with everyone unfair. Just know its not you! I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things and haven’t gone anywhere. On [...]

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So Halloween is usually everyones favorite holiday...aka drinking excuse. Only for this one men and women, boys and girls, get to be creative...or not. All in all we have fun! My entire weekend was dedicated to the holiday. Saturday was fun filled dancing and dubstep, celebrating Evol Grrl's birthday with friends Lexi Belle and Andy [...]

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Show Week!

This last week for me, Ash Hollywood, has been FUCKING NUTS!! One week, four rock shows, one grrl! So the week began like this. My grrl, Brandy Aniston, invites me to come to Jimmy Kimmel with her, and her and I sit on the SIDE STAGE while Jane’s Addiction plays live and introduces their new [...]