7 Reasons to Read

Ironically I’m writing this blog at 6:51 am after a terrible spout of insomnia. It is through my weekend trials and tribulations with sleeping that I bring my fellow Ashaholics this article. Yes, a girl the general public has labeled a porn star is encouraging you to read more, and not just my fun little [...]

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Ready – Set – Porn

I highly doubt a new porn girl has taken advantage of veteran porn girl’s blogs, although just incase there are some extra credit seekers out there welcome to a page developed to make you a better porn star. This blog will help the brand new starlet and guide her through her first, and toughest year [...]

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Raise Your Hand

Welcome to La La Land and the land of Shame and Broken Dreams…oh, wait you’re not here yet. Well if you are a cute, sweet, eighteen year old girl (or something of that nature) and you were thinking to yourself, “I want to be pretty and have photos taken of me and be famous..” and [...]

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I’ve never seen as many wardrobe bag disasters as I have in the adult industry. Over half of the failed cases are my own, but that’s another story. Too often call times and wardrobes will come late from the agent and there’s just not enough hours in the day to be little sex vixens and [...]

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