Women’s Traveling Tips

I'd like to think I've become a bit of a Jedi in the traveling department, especially for a girl. Now, my system works if you're not high maintenance. On a scale of 1 - Lady Gaga, I would say I'm about a 5. My clothing style is simple, comfortable (especially when traveling) and lightweight. It [...]

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10 Killer Addictions

Fortunately for me, I've had a lot of experiences in life. Unfortunately I've picked up a collection of habits that may or not be costly to my life. To say the least, I probably won't live a long and healthy life but an abbreviated amazing one. If you've ever wondered what the words are tattooed [...]

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Ten Levels of Crazy

Listen, we all know....bitches be crazy. In the words of Kat Williams, "I only call you bitches because I don't know your names individually." Truly my beautiful women, I mean no offense by this blog, although I'm noticing some trends. I've explained in many interviews before that I LOVE women, but have a hard time [...]

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Dear Ash…

Hey everyone!  Today I'm answering emails in blogs, as this one raised a phenomenal question: Sorry Ash, Cat jumped onto phone! As I was saying, they had a screaming match for hours over porn she had found in the history on their laptop. A tired me this morning when my alarm went off at 04:15 for my [...]

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Spa Day

Everyone loves to treat him or herself… Especially me, but one of my goals this year was to save money, not spend it. I know I’m not the only one on this financial bandwagon because it’s pretty full. Now here is a comparison between spa costs, and stocking up for an at home spa, which [...]

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10 Things To Know When Dating A Porn Star

Say you’re lucky enough to date a porn star. Well, I wouldn’t always call it lucky, but I would say you’re in for quite a ride. It won’t be easy, although I can promise its going to be interesting. Here are ten little tips and things you should watch out for. If you’re trying to [...]

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