Show Week!

This last week for me, Ash Hollywood, has been FUCKING NUTS!! One week, four rock shows, one grrl! So the week began like this. My grrl, Brandy Aniston, invites me to come to Jimmy Kimmel with her, and her and I sit on the SIDE STAGE while Jane’s Addiction plays live and introduces their new album, The Great Escape Artist. I have to say, that was pretty nice, although it’s just be beginning.

Next, Travis Barker himself hooks me up with tickets to Blink 182’s tour that featured at the Rose Bowl in Hollywood. The show was AMAZING and I raged so hard. This was the first time I had seen Blink 182 since they decided to start touring again and I missed them right before they broke up. The best part about the show was that I came as one of Barker’s guests and I couldn’t have asked for a better favor. I will thank him until the end of time. Unfortunately I raged so hard I lost my iPhone and had to buy a new one the following morning, and lost all of my pictures from the Jane’s Addiction show and Blink. Lexi Belle and one of my friends accompanied me, and it was well worth the second iPhone death of mine this year.

Just a couple days later, my favorite Evol Grrl in the entire world returned home on tour and had me and Andy San Dimas rage at the Wayne Static show where we got to see her shake that tight little ass on stage with only black booty shorts and black tape on her gorgeous tits! We had a little after party with a few bands on the tour bus courtesy of Andy and gave Aiden Ashley a proper welcome home!

Last but not least, with the addition of some new friends over the week I went to the Sevendust show, also at the Roxy (Wayne Static was there a couple days prior) and it was also a surprisingly awesome show! The one thing I was happy to see in all of the shows I attended was a healthy mosh pit. By this I mean, when a mosher goes down EVERYONE in the pit stops and helps them up. Its always sad to hear when fellow ragers get injured while enjoying good rock music.

Anyways, here’s some photos from the events!