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Ash Hollywood Bio:

I’m a complicated heap of chaos and a stir-crazy girl who has never been able to stay in one place too long.  I’ve lived all over the United States and experienced more than you can imagine, and I’ve risen from the ashes.  I pride myself on being a strong individual.  But most of all, I pride myself on being me.  Take me for who and what I am, and you’ll be in for the ride of your life. I love to get inside people’s heads, and quoted from one of my favorite songs, “If your stomach is weak, than my work here is done.”

Ash Hollywood was born on March 13, 2011. This is the day I began in the industry, the day I decided I wanted to express who I really am. This is the day I was born. Before this day, I was a young girl raised in a small town, always unable to really express herself.  The day I was born I was no longer shy, I didn’t give a fuck what people thought, and I became the captivating sexual human being I am today. I find the joy and good in everything, and I find the beauty in all things living.

My journey in the adult industry began with the solo glamour type of shoots where the world watched me masturbate for the first time ever – no, really, I’m not joking… I always had someone to do it for me.  I then moved on to my greatest sexual passion: GRRLS!  I absolutely love women and am completely addicted to the female form. The way a girl’s waist curves just below her soft ribs is the sexiest thing in the world, and you top that with the perfect round shape of the side and under-breast: that my friend, is heaven.  For thousands of years, women have had the ability to stop a man in his tracks simply with a look.  How can you not love them!?

I finally decided to take over the world one facial at a time in late November 2010. I was ready to take on cock! I was the first girl to have my first boy/girl scene recorded in 3D…or so I hear.  I’ve worked for all the top companies including Adam & Eve, Digital Playground, Wicked, Vivid, Hustler, New Sensations, Penthouse, Elegant Angel, and many more. You may have seen me on the covers of Hustler Barely Legal, Hustler’s Taboo, AVN Fresh 2011, and Fox Magazine. Of course, the title I’m truly the most proud of is jGrrl!

Above everything else, I’m an adrenaline junkie. I’m in life for the thrill. I’m a lover of extreme sports such as snowboarding and wakeboarding, just to name a couple.  I’m a ten-year gymnast, basketball addict, and state champion swimmer. Music makes my heart beat and dancing makes my soul quiver. Put all of the badass aside, and I’m a simple animal lover. My pets are my passion and we love unconditionally.



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  • Eldzho

    u shouldn’t be pornstar, there are people that would kill for your eyes.

    • Ash Hollywood

      Who says I didn’t kill for these?

  • A A A

    I am serious do u want to be one the world’s most powerful woman. I suggest u keep in touch with me. I am about to hit it big in my precious metals and gemmstones and i am about to own my own firm and companies.

    • Ash Hollywood

      why thank you tony thats immensely sweet of you

  • tony

    I like Ash Hollywood the best. I think i really can make her the world’s most powerful woman now i am making my rise to the top. I will hope i can see more of her on this website and meet her. I will be checking in on Ash Hollywood.
    Sincerely from a fan of Ash.
    I like this website.

    • Ash Hollywood

      Thanks Tony! Hope you’re still coming back a year later!

  • Demonchoppers

    ashley hey crazy its demon im out i got aquitted of her lies hit me up sometime on facebook or the demonchoppers at aol email sometime i miss you chillin with me as you would watch me build bikes and airbrush….. still love ya like my sis baby be good if you ever need anything let me know…. ill be building sickasss choppers again soon…1luv damien the

  • John

    Just one slut. What is worng inside your brain?

    • Slammer

      question is – what is wrong inside yours?

    • just a fan

      you call her slut and insult her, but you are still here on the internet looking for sluts right? She is just and independent strong girl that is not scared about doing what she wants to do. You don’t have the right to be disrespectful. She is probably better than you in every way, what did you accomplish that gives you the right to judge people?

      • Ash Hollywood

        Thank you for being such a wonderful fan. John is product of the many that hide behind a false persona on the internet and abuse their voice to only insult others when in fact this pedestal could be used for so much more – LIKE MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY

    • Doom3

      This is so typical of people on the internet. From YouTube & Yahoo comments to websites of celebrities.

      I have a feeling there is some resentment somewhere, which is causing you to call women sluts. Perhaps you don’t agree with her choices, fair enough, but there is no reason for name calling.

  • Maxwell2309

    Yo, You gotta ride wit me, Ash. I’m about 2 get in tha party balloon game fo real. I’m gonna own all tha helium on da earth and then sell it 2 scientists at double tha price. Look it up: Google. Bing. Wolfram/ alpha. “Helium shortage” it’s about 2 go down. All I need iz a queen…

    • Ash Hollywood

      and a lesson in grammar and English…

  • Slammer

    Ash you rule mami, keep doing what you do <3 you for it xo

  • Jayla Jones

    Ash, it is so amazing that you express yourself truly. There are so many out there who don’t even know of their internal motive. Plus you are piece of art.

    • Ash Hollywood

      you are simply to sweet! Apologies for the late reply.

  • Felix Latexx


    • Ash Hollywood


  • CM

    just discovered you. My God I love your thighs!!!!!

  • Friend of a friend

    I wish I knew you like this back at heights. Keep doing what you love, Ashely.

  • NotOnSoapBox

    Ash, sexiness is more than just looks – and while you have all that, there’s just something special. Have fun with your career, you’re fun to watch

  • Ian

    Remember folks if you want to try and argument and talk down to a woman who makes a living doing what you wish you could, you should really get your facts straight. The ones who think because she is in porn she must be full of std’s seem to forget that this is their livelihood and they are tested constantly. At the most you sound bitter because you some how hooked up with a Wednesday morning stripper who said she shot some and you got burned (when you pee now.)

  • LesbianCB

    Your true appreciation of women is one of the reason my wife and I enjoy your g/g scenes so much. Big fan of what we have watched so far.