Roommate 101

Theres some pretty worthless shit they teach you in school to prepare you for “life”. I clearly remember learning to sew, write checks, and cook bacon. I really hope they’ve removed these things from the teaching curriculum as I can easily YouTube any one of these tasks and have them explained step by step on how to perform them. On the other hand, I propose a new class be placed in the schools: Roommate 101.

The class would include the following topics:

  1. Financial guidelines to living with roommates
  2. Cleanliness of the common areas
  3. Basic respect of the home and your house mates
  4. Rules when pets are involved
  5. Tips on living with guys vs girls
  6. How to handle confrontation, respectfully

I’ve lived with numerous amounts of people since I graduated from high school. I’ve lived with boyfriends, fiancés, girls, guys, multiple mixes of them all and the only thing I’ve learned from it all is that people are truly fucking retarded.  Through basic human observation I’ve learned that people are lazy cowards that should remove heads from asses…but I’ll quit my bitching.

Crash course for Roommate 101:  Never fuck with your roommates money or financial situations. Money in the home should be equal and if for some reason you are a FAILURE in that department, please have a sit down with your house mate and discuss it like an adult. If there is any personal problem or pet peeve in the home, tell your roommate immediately and calmly. If you’re not one for confrontation than consider leaving a note. Communication is key in tolerating people. Last but not least, have respect. Not everyone is an insane neat freak like me, but have the respect and decency to keep the common areas clean. FUCKING PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF! Really, its not that hard.

There is my personal advice on living with other people. This course does not limit itself to friends, but also covers living with a partner or significant other.

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