Romance and Dick

I had the recent pleasure and honor of spending a splendid and romantic evening with none other than the infamous Richard Avery. We all know that Richard didn’t receive the nickname “Dick” just because it’s a common abbreviation for his first name. He can be a massive heart breaker and all of us grrls battle for his heart and cock every single day. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised after our honeymoon like runaway to Juliland.

Of course I was my normal self and came in with guns blazing to Juliland. As you’ll soon see from the JGrrl videos we shot I’m my normal sass, class and ass. Ya know, Lexi Belle was right and I didn’t realize it until I made Richard cry like a little grrl! As we all know I’m more of a lover than a fighter (when I’m sober) so I made sure to make it up to Dick real good, wink wink.

The night was spent with sweet romantic words whispered in my ear as I was hand fed pizza and apple dessert. I got to sip on champagne and see a brand new side to Mr. Avery.  He always fucking does this to me…As soon as I have my hard candy shell around my heart he melts it with his mouth and all that’s left of me is the sweet and chewy side. Hope this time he doesn’t spit me out. Haha!

I’m really excited for everyone to see the amazing talent of Richard that we captured on our “honeymoon” because its bad fucking ass and nothing less than excellent! In the meantime you can see some sneak peaks, but you’ll only find the real deal on!

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