Reverse Culture Shock

I’ve come such a long way from living in a small town. When I finally moved away from the small town mentality I felt like a kid experiencing and exploring the world all over again. Diversity was and still is a fascinating thing to me. Multiple ethnic backgrounds were amalgamated in one place and had an influence on the physical surroundings.  I quickly learned how different cultures conduct in comparison to one another and saw the alluring beauty within all people.

There is a furious difference between the small town where I’m from and every large city. The area is predominately Caucasian and also quite conservative. Everyone has grown up knowing everyone and has interacted with them or the other families since diapers. Frankly, I view it as a miserable black hole like mob. If one does not escape soon enough, death will be the only escape. Although, that’s my jaded opinion. Its very simple living, which essentially that’s all one really needs. Well, not “one” but maybe for the 1200 that reside there.

On the other hand, Los Angeles is HUGE! Its easily the largest city I’ve lived in and its always going and moving. Go Go Go seems to be the slogan here, whether its ambition and drive towards life, or the destruction of. Every area in LA seems to have a different kind of vibe or feel and the applicable energy from its residents. I love people watching, so every day out in public for me is like my own personal reality television. Its fitting since I haven’t had cable TV in almost five years.

I recently returned home and left my simple luxuries fast lanes, espresso, live rock shows, and 24 hour businesses. I was welcomed home to great family, green hills, deep blue lakes, and stars. God do I miss being able to see the stars. Anyways, the greatest highlight was air sans smog. My people watching TV was still airing but this particular season was not interesting to me. Every man dressed like a high school PE teacher and I was absolutely shocked it took me twenty two years to acknowledge this. I also went to Wal-Mart (local hot spot) and was blown away. Their super stores are similar to one stop heaven. They have EVERYTHING anyone could ever ask for and its all in one place…and econo size. Although I learned the reason for this is due to the LARGE families in the area of 10+ kids on average. Mini van sales just increased five points.

The absolute worst was being stared at everywhere I went, like “your kind don’t belong here” looks. In LA the “gay-dar” is commonly used. In small towns it’s the “alien scanner” although instead of sensing ones sexual preference it works to sniff out distance in which the “out of towners” blood line falls from the rest of the town. Family trees tend to get a little strange ‘round those parts, mmhm. I digress….

If I had to retire away to Michigan again I have decided to either become a funeral director or surgeon specializing in vaginal rejuvenation.


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