Something dark and mischievous is brewing and everyone should be absolutely terrified. There is an Evol hiding in the darkness and it comes with a name ever so sweet – Aiden. Its been quite a long time since I encountered such Evol, and I have to say I truly missed it. So ladies and gentleman the rumors are true, and we’re back to terrorize Hollywood and so much more. If you’re lucky you’ll see Ash Girl and Evol Aiden slinking in the dark of a bar near you. Chances are I’ll lure you in sweetly with my looks and Aiden will drop kick your entire ego in the nuts and tell you to go away. Its an unintentional game we play, but never the less, a fun one. I’m not sure if the world is ready for this, but this is your only warning…

Funny enough it wasn’t the illustrious Dick that happened to bring us back together, although I always thought it would be. Aiden and I were actually hired to work for AIDEN (Belladonna) who claims to have no idea that we were not on good terms when he hired us. I was prepared for a no show or a hate fuck. Either way I was going to have a fun story. Slightly to my surprise, Evol arrive and a scene was born for the first time in almost years. We had racecar wars then sex, if the reader of this happens to be curious.

Everything went so well we decided to have sex AGAIN for your enjoyment and this time Dick did for once bring us together again. (Please note this is just about the ONLY time that statement could ever be true since Aiden prefers the company of girls or girlish rockstars.) So please, enjoy these photos of our wonderful engagements.

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