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Just recently I ran into an old friend who runs a rescue shelter. A year ago I promised her I would volunteer, and of course I had gotten busy and forgotten I had her information. Well after running into her a second time by complete random chance I decided to immediately volunteer at the shelter, and I’m so happy I did. It made me so happy to be surrounded by all these dogs and helping them; it just feels good to do good.

There are several reasons why I love the Los Angelitos de Dios rescue, but the biggest of them all is the fact that they are a SECOND CHANCE SHELTER. What this means is that the organization saves dogs deemed unadoptable by California shelters that are on their way to be euthanized. Many of the dogs deemed dangerous by Animal Control when they are found because the animals react aggressively when they are scared and frightened. Of course if someone was hooking or noosing me by the neck, I’d probably freak the out too. This is also a non-profit organization. They are NOT selling animals at all. Each adoption is a donation to the shelter. Volunteers are ALWAYS welcome as the rescue needs all the help it can get. Other donations such as food, blankets, collars, and leashes are also welcome.

For more information on their adoptable dogs please visit Los Angelitos de Dios Facebook or visit their Rescue Me page. If you would like to call and ask about volunteering or adoption you may reach Christianna at

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