I’ve never seen as many wardrobe bag disasters as I have in the adult industry. Over half of the failed cases are my own, but that’s another story. Too often call times and wardrobes will come late from the agent and there’s just not enough hours in the day to be little sex vixens and pack too. I’ve learned to be really good at packing just the essentials, and a little bit of everything. More often than not my wardrobe is always fucked up or wrong on my call sheet anyways. I carry two bags: wardrobe, and the beauty bag (usually disguised as Hello Kitty). Let’s begin with just the basics:

-Bra and Panties (matching sets): have at least 5 colors, one non thong.

-Lingerie: at least a couple teddies, corsets, or baby dolls. Always one garter.

-Stockings/socks: always have at least one versatile pair of each.

-Bottoms: Jeans, jean skirt, business skirt, shorts.

-Tops: Tank tops (lots!), anything casual and form fitting.

-Dresses: Sun dress and several cocktail/club dresses

-Shoes: Black shoes, Strappy shoes, Athletic shoes and Boots. Easy

-Swimsuit: always keep one, its essential.

Beauty Bag:
-Make up: foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lashes.

-Baby Wipes

-Nail File, nail polish, polish remover



-Brush, Hairspray, Straightener

-Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Mouthwash


…and with all this my dear newbie, I send you off into the world…prepared. Cheers, have fun, and keep fucking!

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  • Hey Ash… I saw you in the buffy vampire parody film. What caught my eye was unlike
    alot of porn actresses. You are pretty much natural in your beauty. Ie… Natural breasts, Tatoo’s not plastered all over your body. I find the natural body of a woman very beautiful, so I hope you don’t feel the need or get pressured to have breast implants or other plastic surgery. You are very beautiful. You sound like a very interesting person. Good luck going forward. I hope you make alot of money in industry but don’t stay too long. Take care… Tim In Indy.

    • Thanks Tim! Actually I’m very afraid of plastic surgery because im so secure with myself that if I ever made the hasty decision to change something im almost certain I would regret it and be disappointed afterwards.

  • Hi
    i am new member at this blog so i want to be talented businessmen so any one help me and give me suggestion about business.

    • You shouldn’t title yourself as a business coach just yet if that is the case.

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