PETAxxx and ALF

Reading up on the net last night whilst in Juliland, Richard and I came across a post about PETA opening a XXX domain site littered with pictures and videos.  Now, I’m all for the safety and welfare of our furry friends as we all know, but what in the hell is this?! Okay, PETA, I get it. This company for years has been all about “shock factor” in order to grasp the attention of the general public to get their messages across. I also understand that sex sells so when PETA released their racy and nude campaign protesting fur and promoting veganism it all made sense.

Personally I feel PETA does everything wrong. I support their messages, but not exactly the “tone” they use to voice their opinions. Although, there is one pro animal movement I think is bad-fucking-ass and make PETA look like whiney little bitches.  This group is known as the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). ALF is not to be confused with that creepy cat eater from the 80s. Fuck him.

The ALF is infamous for breaking into animal testing facilities, and freeing the animals that the tests are conducted upon.  This group is hardcore and no fucking joke. They are REAL ever day people with a mission and a passion who keep their identities anonymous and take action into their own hands…literally, and reach out to paws, hooves, claws, and everything in between. They do not advertise what they do. They do not have controversial billboards. They are underground with a simple website. Not all of you may agree with my favoritism, and I usually believe in non-violent protest, but throwing paint on fur has fucking NOTHING on ALF.

So I’d really like to know, what do you think of PETA’s newest publicity stunt? Will it hurt them more than it helps them? Will the organization lose its following and/or its credibility? Who is your favorite pro animal group?

Anyways here are the links to the PETA article and some YouTube videos of ALF:

Article Here!

Video Here!

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