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Ash’s Top Porn Picks

SO as you may have heard, it was a good year for me! So to sum up 2014 I wanted to give you guys, the fans (and ladies too of course!) a watch list of my favorite movies I starred in this year. In the comments section feel free to […]

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Ash – haus of se7en_07

Photographs by HAUS OF SE7EN

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Women’s Traveling Tips

I’d like to think I’ve become a bit of a Jedi in the traveling department, especially for a girl. Now, my system works if you’re not high maintenance. On a scale of 1 – Lady Gaga, I would say I’m about a 5. My clothing style is simple, comfortable (especially […]

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Dirty Talk

If y’all get to hear me on “Tap That Ash” than you know I can be dirty. Now don’t laugh… This is the first time I’m sharing my erotic writing. I sent it to some lucky boy back in the day….

I want you.
I want to feel your desires and all […]

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Thank You!

Well before I thank everyone, let me say I’m sorry. This busy last year and January has been bad to me in the sense that it took me away from all of you! I haven’t been updating as much as I should so I would like to apologize to all […]

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BIG NEWS: TheSophiaJade.com

JULILAND NEWS: YO!  With a new year comes more fun in the Juliland Universe!  I’m so happy to announce the latest addition to the Universe… The super sassy Sophia Jade!  One of the top G/G performers for a while now and a big time friend to Juliland, its awesome to […]

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Ash – haus of se7en_06

Photographs by HAUS OF SE7EN

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AEE/AVN 2015 Schedule

Well Ashaholics and porn lovers alike, it’s that time of year again! It’s award season! Along with our infamous award show, AVN, also comes the convention AEE. It’s one of the few places each year you can meet your favorite pornstar in person. Are you excited?

Well the show floor gets […]

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Ashaholics_e51 – Mo Reese

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Ashaholics_e50 – Mo Reese

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Ashaholics_e49 • Mo & Twitter

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