oneowrdThey say a picture is worth a thousand words…or so this new Chad guy with a camera tells me over in Juliland. This new hipster hot shot and I got in a pretty heated debate about photo style and genius (which is never matched or surpassed when it comes to the art of Richard Avery). Anyways this argument sparked some curiosity and I decided to turn around and ask YOU the fans and Ashaholics to describe me in one single word. All of you did better than me, because I could never pick just one. Most of you were absolutely lovely and flattering while others were obviously using a classic form of self projection to put me down (and I laughed in your cyber face, dick cheese). I want to thank you all for participating; truly one of the many reliable characteristics my Ashaholics hold. Oh and by the way…I guess I’m only worth about 50 words, so I lost the bet to Chad. Maybe his newest photo set on the homepage can strike some more words out of you gents and ladies.

@christianxxx1: goddess
@Rjmoon25: PANDA
@Jandreyn: Ashy!
@die_tonight: hottest :))
@MisterJoeFixit: intelligent
@StuNamiSays: feisty
@HAUSOFSE7EN: …there is no word
@THERichardWalsh: entertaining
@Angelo7266: HOTT
@headfirst5: beautiful!
@FredFranchiseYF: Theatric?
@AcquiredJoker: Breathtaking
@boiseallday: Fuckalicious!
@shrews12001: clockwise…..
@Darkmere1981: One word to describe Ash? … “Woah” – Keanu Reeves
@JeremyConwayxxx: velvety
@ArtMatters2me: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
@JBiGGlzworth: in 1 word:  3-On-Their-Knees
@fclousotxxx: pain
@TiffanyTylerXxX: Unreachable.
@ECSamione: sex
@Pornvert: Fuckingawesome. (That’s one word, right?)
@Nerdypervert: @ashhollywood Amazinglybeautifuldominantwomanwithagreatbodyandass. That counts, right?
@jodevan: gorgeous
@deafmitchell: starbuck
@bradley_swisher: #Electric
@danemiller300:  Porn
@manofwar32475: Unforgettable
@roxuresox: Alive
@EDOGBK: is Tantalizing!
@TarantinoXXX: artistic
@DoeeNuts: heaven
@PTrimble66: Eccentric!
@hahaimavirgin: Quixotic
@TravisVarjak: irreplaceable
@Alex_Stenz: insecure
@davek187: who could not! You’re “proper tasty” as us Brits would say ;)
@runningwolf64: punk
@Ssippi: One word?… Incrazonable.
@its_that_1_guy: Technically 2 words but I love this one: Sui generis! Google it. :) (UNIQUE)
@TravMcNasty: looneytoonesque
@jorbaraka: Terribleandamazingprettybadgirl
@jorbaraka: SexiestFaceAssandPersonality
@ThatIllEd: Hot
@DickAvery: smart

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