We all have some kind of obsession. I have a few, and because I get bored easily I do not have a favorite. First and foremost I’m obsessed with beautiful grrls, but that’s a given. The female form is so powerful, and beautiful, although fragile in nature. It’s a visual with strength and persuasion, like every single one of Richard Avery’s amazing pieces of art.

My second obsession in the ranks is snowboarding. I’ve been riding for 12 years now. The mountains are my home, sanctuary, and haven. There is nothing like the peaceful silence on the top of a run. It’s a peace that gathers my thoughts, dissolves my fears and worries, and makes my adrenaline course though my veins like a drug. The wind in my ears as I drop down the run is sweet music to my ears, accompanied by the grinding of my board against a metal rail. All of my senses become alert and the outside world is shut out by the sound of my board carving through snow. Sounds amazing, right?

My third obsession is music. Everyone says they’re passionate about music, and I’ll admit there are different levels and types of this obsession just as there are thousands of genres of music. Personally, my attraction to music goes in this order: lyrical message then pulse. I listen to everything, but country. Do you know what happens when you play country music backwards? You git yer dog back, yer truck back, n yer wife back…yup, wers my PBR?! Fuck that. I love lyrics that are witty. Lyrics like from the bands of Brand New and Taking Back Sunday. Ironically enough, many of their songs are taking stabs at each other. My heart beats to the strong bass of dubstep and heavy metal. They are the only genres of music that jar my soul, and I FUCKING LOVE THEM.

Lastly, there is food. I have an inner fat kid trapped inside me. My Id and Ego constantly keep her under wraps and occasionally have to tie and gag her. Essentially, she is stored in my inflated head. I love cooking, I love eating, I love tasting. I have an oral fixation and pretty much constantly have something in my mouth. I constantly crave dark chocolate, drink my coffee with white chocolate and even love entrées with  chocolate (chicken mole). I am a very healthy and adventurous eater, never picky. I’m a “try anything once” kind of girl. Quite often you’ll find recipes of crap I decided to make up and post on here.

What do you obsess over? What are your addictions that keep you up at night? Besides the fantasies of my pink vagina of course…. ;-)

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