The word just sounds strange to me. “Nor-mal” “nor-male”….sounds more like I’m opting out of a sex change more than thing to fit into a crowd. I recently began emailing back and forth with a fan through cryptic questions answers to see what answers he would provide me, but instead he sparked a thought that everyone has asked themselves at least a dozen times over in their adolescence — What is normal?

From the moment of birth children are influenced by the “social norm”. Blue for boys, pink for girls, and yellow apparently if you want to be neutral. Personally I think babies deserve a new color pallet after all these years. Over the next few growing years of life it’s dolls and dresses for girls, all pretty little things, but boys get trucks, action figures, tough things. Then as we grow up we’re given different responsibilities. Boys do the heavy work, girls do the cleaning. Boys are opposite of girls so on and so forth.

Now to really get your mind working, consider for a minute that your genitalia is only ONE small piece of your actual identity that society tells you should be this or that.  Depending on what decade your developing years were there are other physical factors that begin to play. We’re blondes idolized? You must be blonde. Was it the supermodel era? Oh you must be stick skinny to be normal. Was it a conservative time to grow up? Well, better hide your sexuality to be “normal.”

Personally growing up I hated “normal” just as much as I hated everyone else. Blame it on my sheer defiance I hold onto so tightly, but when they told me to wear pink, I dressed like a boy. When they gave me dolls I pulled their heads odd and played in the mud. When they told me I needed to like boys, I liked girls. I hate normal. I hate comfortable. I hate being part of a herd…. Baaaaaah.

Normal, to me, is measured by a persons level of curiosity. The more questions asked the better. Next, their level of courage. The more a person is going out and experiencing life, taking in sorrows, joy, love, pain — the more I see them as LIVING. Although not just alive but really living life. The last thing I measure how “normal” someone maybe is by their empathy. It’s human nature to feel, express, and connect and without the ability to do so, I really find it difficult to live or even muster a spark or curiosity.

Essentially I just described to you that I believe normal is no more than a sane and healthy person by medical standards. I know I’ve said this before but if normal is sane and you believe yourself to be fully sane than you must be normal, correct? Although a vast majority of the insane truly believe they’re sane so what exactly is sanity? Where does that leave normal?

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