Never Take Friendship Personal

Recently I just went through a phase of false people. It was really hard and it hurt, especially being during a difficult part in my life when I recently lost a lot of my family to death. Granted, everything ends in death, but it seems that friendships die faster than people.

Now growing in age and maturity I’m seeing a trend. I have a problem with trying to help and save people. I call it a PROBLEM because I always fall victim to pain from the person who is in pain. I’ve learned the hard way that you cant help anyone who doesn’t want to be saved, and you certainly can’t put out a fire that you did not start. Life lessons.

My outer take is this, to man or woman: Pull your balls out of your fucking vagina and become a man. This is figurative of course, although there is no reason to play victim and act like a child. Love, respect, and honesty are very easy traits to carry and many can find improvement in their lives if they try them on for size. I’ve overcome many trials and tribulations including death and I have found strength in them. Everyone has the ability to improve. If there are problems in life, sit down and ask, “Why?” Instead of blaming problems on everyone else, sometimes the individual needs sit and have a personal pow-wow.

The world would be a better place if everyone stopped blaming everyone else and instead took that energy to improve themselves. I highly recommend it. As for me, I’m done with bullshit. Cheers and thanks for reading.

PS <3 YOU ASHAHOLICS! You’ve been good to me xo

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