photo 1 Now starting on Mondays from 6pm -7pm PST I will be live on Vivid Radio Sirius XM 102. The new show is called “Tap that Ash” and I’ll be discussing our all time favorite topic – SEX. The launch of the radio station begins today, November 18th and shows begins as early as 3pm pst, 6pm est. Fellow radio hosts include, but are not limited to, Monique Alexander, Brandy Aniston, Glen King, Mika Tan, and so many more.

On my show we’ll be discussing a new topic every week and will also be interviewing sexy girls who you may or may not know. I’ll be digging into their deepest darkest sexual secrets as we get down to sexual brass tacks. This first weeks show will cover a little of the female anatomy discussing different types of orgasms females are able to have and how to achieve them. I’ll be asking Brandy Aniston about her favorite positions and her wildest sex stories so don’t miss out!

For more information on all the new shows go to the official Sirius XM site here: OR here to see the official Vivid Radio website: To call into the station during my show or others please call

DON’T YOU WORRY ASHAHOLICS…the official Juliland radio show Ashaholics  will still continue! Your little blonde host will be up to more trouble in the Juliland Universe soon, recording more shows for you to listen to and download. Don’t forget, for both shows I WANT YOUR OPINION. Who should be my guests? What do you want to talk about? What would you like to call in and talk about? Tell me all these things and more. Send me stories of your filthy and adventurous encounters and I may just read them on radio!

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