Model/Photographer Etiquette

The model and photographer relationship is as old as the camera. It’s an artful relationship, and sometimes an abused one. There are so many things that annoy be between these two. Any and every photographer should remember the following things in order to keep art first. If you became a model just to feel pretty, keep your day job. If you’re a photographer who picked up a camera to bang girls, keep your day job. All else aside here’s my top rules for the ones in front of the camera and the ones behind it.

Don’t date/fuck the models
Don’t touch the models without asking
Don’t abuse the personal contact info of the model
Don’t make a model shoot anything he/she is not comfortable with
Don’t use a model or content that the model is not comfortable with or is not specified in the release

Don’t think that you’re special or favorite. They tell all the girls that.
Don’t use drugs on set or drink on set. Its dangerous.
Don’t abuse the personal contact info of the photographers. They don’t want to be friends.
Don’t linger around a shoot or invite yourself to stay the night with the photographer. You’re better than that.

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  • Whoops, I broke rule number 1. And there’s the reason I lost her as a model. Lessons learned.