One of my biggest pet peeves ever is when someone doesn’t ask me nicely for something, and don’t say thank you in return. Maybe it was the way I was raised, I’m not sure, but I’ve always said my please and thank you’s, especially to people providing me a service (i.e. waitress). Together they are three simple words that make a huge difference. These words can never really  be over used, but most definitely under used.

By asking for something and not saying, “please,” the request just made becomes a demand and not a request at all, there for making the other party reluctant to help. Not using one simple word can create tension and animosity over time in a relationship. Using this one simple word can transform a possibly terrible dining experience into a fantastic one, or even impress a date.

“Thank you,” is an equally important term because it shows someone that you have not only acknowledged that they fulfilled a request when they had the choice not to, but that its been appreciated. Everyone loves to feel appreciated. Lets be honest, we could all be selfish dicks and only live for ourselves, but what kind of quality of life is that?

On the opposing side of this all, if something nice is done for someone, don’t point it out. Its obnoxious and tacky. If appreciation is never given for kind acts by someone, then quit doing them. Manners are a simple thing we learn as a child and I think they’re highly taken for granted. I still to this day open doors for people, help the handicapped, stack my own dishes when I eat at the restaurant, and help in small ways whenever I can.

Just smiling at someone is a simple and kind action. Say hello to a stranger. Wave to someone. Sure, people may look at you strange at first, but by surrounding yourself with this positive energy you’ll soon see a change. Feeling helpful, being helpful, and feeling appreciated is a great boost of confidence. The world pays back those who do good. Do something nice today.

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