Its That Time of Year

Can you believe it? No, really, can you even begin to believe that Thanksgiving 2012 is just a couple days away? I can’t, mainly because I don’t want to. Although, letting bygones be just exactly what they are…this secretly is my very favorite time of year. Starting right at first of the line, Halloween, which I spent dressed as various and random characters – problem child panda being the favorite. Second favorite from this season should be easy to guess if you happen to know that I’m 420 friendly. If you are a reader unaware of the meaning of this term, chances are you are not 420 cannabis user friendly and we cannot be friends so discontinue reading and report back to your platitudinous life. By obvious clues and hints, I’m very certain I heard you say “Thanksgiving.” *Ding Ding Ding* Winner, Winner TURKEY Dinner.

This year will be the third Thanksgiving of mine away from my family, although I’m pretty good at adopting a local one as a temporary replacement to feed my domestic outbursts. Last year I was away from everyone, and in Pittsburgh dancing for Blush. I couldn’t bear to repeat that cliché ridden situation again so this year the entire little family will be having a homemade feast! Please, pray for me and give me all your best wishes, for this year I’m attempting to bring to eatable completion a WHOLE BIRD. I’m going to fist it forcefully and deep full of gluten free stuffing, and intravenously inject spiced butter for the marinade. Its Paula Dean meets 80’s rock turkey. Also to pair the meal will be green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and enough wine to make me regret the velocity of its consumption on Black Friday. A “holiday” I will be hiding gleefully indoors from.

The end of December I will be tuning out of the interwebs for some well-deserved time off which I’ll be spending with my real family. This time of year has always been direly important for my family. I love returning home, not only to see the love on familiar faces, but also to frolic in the snow like the snow bunny I am. I will travel everywhere with my snowboard this year!

Are you ready to start the new year yet? If you blink it’ll be here already!

Don’t worry guys, the posts won’t stop here! Keep checking in, even through the holidays because this network will still be updating until our 2 week vacation when the boss takes off on Christmas. In the meantime…share your stories of the holidays past or the plans of those to come.

Happy Holidays Ashaholics xo

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