It’s All In The Words

I’ve been doing a lot of observing and a lot of listening lately. Listening is key in relationships, along with communication. Being so, I’ve been trying to improve my communication skills lately, along with my life. Since I’m now a proud business owner and beginning my wonderful life in the business of production for its probably a wonderful idea to “get my shit together” or so they say. In my search for improvement I came across the quote, “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” This made me realize that I have been no greater than an average mind lately and at my lowest a small mind. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be GREAT?!

My industry can be very narcissistic and lonely. As a defense and sometimes a need to be accepted performers can fall into a habit of only talking about themselves. More or less this happens in all of Los Angeles. Personally, I view this as a bad habit. I find myself counting the number of times a person begins their sentences with, “I did…I want..I’m doing,” because I’ve already become bored with them and their conversation. Of course talking about one’s self is easy…a little too easy. Everyone knows themselves better than anyone else, but lets think outside our boxes.

Another tactic I hear people attempting is talking about events, such as the news, politics, work, or parties. These are all good things to start conversation although it really makes a young woman sound uneducated when she thinks the President’s name is “Obama Biden” or any of the facts become misconstrued. Furthermore, the news is glorified gossip based on a thread of fact to weave a blanket of perspective thats trying to be sold to the mass public. Don’t believe everything that’s heard on the news or the internet! Lastly, conversing about work or past gatherings doesn’t include everyone in the conversation, and once someone is cut out of a group conversation then why would they want to get to know anyone in that particular group? I wouldn’t, and hearing someone talk about that just reminds me again how boring they are.

To truly get to know someone and to leave a better impression, I’ve found it best to ask challenging or memorable questions. There’s the, “what if,” conversations that always ignite thought in the brain. Asking, “how does this work, why does this do this, what if we did it this way,” are the things I like to discuss with people. Multiple perspective fuels the growth of understanding, and knowledge is power!

The next time a conversation starts, whether there is personal involvement or not, really listen. Listen, THINK, and learn. (:

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