Im a total sell out and I bought an iPhone about a year ago. Although, I can’t complain, I’m totally in love with it. I’m also an app junkie so I’m going to share with you the top apps that I use! (this excludes the obvious social networks)

  1. Tadaa – I used to use Instagram which is a great app, although they kicked me off. Courtesy of Skin Diamond I found this new one with MORE editing options and less restrictions.
  2. PicFrame – This app allows you to fit multiple pictures in one frame and even has some basic editing tools. A similar one I use is call Diptic (careful saying that out loud, sounds like “dick tip.”
  3. Kitty Booth – for Hello Kitty lovers this app is fun because you can add Hello Kitty and other cute things to any picture. Another HK app is Kitty Mirror, but you can only screen shot the frames.
  4. Hulu Plus – I can watch TV anywhere I want for a really low price! They air most shows the day after they’ve aired on regular cable. Have cable? Try HBO Go!
  5. Netflix – need I say more? Be mobile with your TV!
  6. Sound Hound – everyone out there uses Shazam, although with my strange and foreign taste in music it wasn’t finding my songs. This one holds a larger library and has far more features.
  7. Draw Something – If you loved Pictionary, you’ll love this game. I’m addicted in the worst way. Tip: drawing on an iPad is easy hehe
  8. Yelp – This is the best for finding business or restaurants! There’s reviews, tips, and all the info you could want. They’ll even tell you if the restaurants are dog friendly! Woof!
  9. Grub Hub – If you’re hungry go through this app! Most places you can place online right through them with food to your door in about a half hour!
  10. Disposable (Hipstamatic D series) – this was a free app for a little bit but it works just like a disposable camera. You can’t view the pictures until the roll is done and you can even have your Facebook friends join in and add pictures to the same camera!
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  • Those are some good ones. I’ll throw my 2 cents in, or whatever it costs these days, and give you a few of mine. Now these are my absolute favs but they are pretty good ones that I like & use often.
    1. Gasbuddy – shows the current prices of gas at all the gas stations that in your area, updated often by the users.
    2. Jetpack Joyride – Cause who the hell doesnt want a jetpack? Who I say?!
    3. ComicBook! – Its a nice app that lets you turn your photos into a comic book.
    4. GoSkyWatch Planetarium – nice app if you wanna see stars without a telescope.
    5. Target app – Half my shopping life is spent in Target, F’ing A right I use the app.
    6. And of course every freakin’ Angry Birds game available. Damnit.