I Love Rollercoasters

image1I’m really not sure what kind of blog you were hoping for with that title, and quite honestly, it’s been a short while since I wrote a fresh blog. So hot off my fingertips I’m sharing something special with my fans. This is an excerpt out of a journal entry of mine. I wanted to share something intimate beyond the videos you may see of me. I wanted to share my insights on this recent rollercoaster I got to ride. For the privacy of myself and others, there is no juicy gossip or names… Enjoy!

Aug 21, 2015

It’s been an absolute rollercoaster for the last couple months. Ironically, rollercoasters are of my favorite things. The fear that makes your stomach jump, the falls that take your breath away, all of those sensations paired with the anticipation during the sounds of “click, click, click, click….” You get that feeling for a split second right before the first big drop. There’s so much power in that nanosecond of suspension, where your momentum dangles in front of your face.

I feel as if I just ended one big, long, scary rollercoaster. I have that feeling of being overwhelmed with the intensity of the ride I just endured. My emotions are mixed, my stomach unsettled, but the ride has stopped and my hair is a mess as I walk away with wobbly legs. Everything is eerily calm.

What’s next? Well the excitement of heading to the next rollercoaster, of course! I have no idea what the next one will be like. I may grow impatient waiting in line. The fall might be higher and more frightening than the last… I have absolutely no idea. I just know one thing: I am not going to let anything stop me from feeling the wind in my hair and that shit grin I get on my face as I fall. No matter how scary this next one gets, I’m resting assured that I will get through it.

In life and rollercoasters, there are safety devices to hug us and make us feel safe. My seatbelt is my self love, and self reassurance. As long as I keep myself strong, I can take over the world. My perception is the tracks that keep my vehicle on this wild ride, and I trust my gratitude and positivity will continue to bring me to the end happy and safely”

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