HEY EVERYONE!  Well this is actually the last time ill be writing you in 2012.  Can you believe the year is already gone?  I was too busy shooting filthy scenes for all my lovely Ashaholics to notice.

I LITERALLY just flew back home for the holidays and decorated our tree right off the plane.  I would love to write more but I really need to get back to the holiday candy were whipping together.  If I don’t gain 20 pounds eating it all I may have to bring some to Dick!  Even though I’m off duty from porn until 2012 I’m still handling balls — popcorn balls that is.  I’m a sticky mess!  Of course, this doesn’t seem to be very different from my everyday life in LA.

Anyways, I want to thank everyone one last time for their dedication and support to AshGirl and the Juliland Universe.  We had such a great year that we were nominated for an AVN award!  Just because its the end of this year doesn’t mean we’re done as well.  Please come back after our holiday break and keep coming back to see the amazing new things well have in store for 2013!  I’m really excited to share new adventures and experiences with my Ashaholics!

Please remember to be safe this holiday season!


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