Holidays & NomNomNom

Happy Holidays everyone! Its that time of year again where traffic blows, shopping is open late, and everyone starts giving again. The holidays have always been my favorite. Personally, the holiday season starts for me at Halloween. Halloween is my absolute favorite, but I love Thanksgiving for the food, and Christmas is just all around awesome. It’s a great way to end the year – Dress up like a nut, stuff your face, and tear apart some gifts! Lets not forget that celebration of NEW YEARS EVE! It seems we all get really excited to end the year and begin a new one. I know I am!

So for Christmas I ventured back to my roots in Michigan and I’m here joining my family. So far already in my short vacation I have taught my family the Cupid Shuffle with some classy line dancing in the living room (everyone does that, right?!) and I’ve gotten all of my Christmas shopping out of the way. I spent this evening wrapping up all of the presents. I’m not sure if its an acquired skill but I’m a horrible wrapper. I’m very good at taking it off though! …I sort of feel the same way about clothing sometimes. Hmm…

The most exciting thing I got for the holiday season this year are my NOMINATIONS! Here’s a list of them:

Xbiz Best New Starlet 2011

AVN Best new Starlet 2011

AVN “Best 3 Way Sex Scene”

AEBN 5 Most Downloaded Starlets of 2011

Xcritic Breakout Performers of 2012

I want to thank everyone for the recognition I’ve been given. I wouldn’t be anywhere without the fans who love and supports me, and I can say I will be working my ass off (literally) for you as long as I can.  I also want to say congratulations to the performers and crew who have been nominated for several movies that I have been involved in. We’re all ending the year, and enjoying the holidays and it has been a GREAT FUCKING YEAR for all of us.

You will be able to see me at AEE this year. I will be signing for Immoral Studios at the convention so please make sure you stop by and see me! I look forward to seeing all of you at the convention. In the meantime wish me luck at the upcoming award shows and congratulations to everyone on their nominations!! I can’t wait to see everyone and congratulate them personally. I love you all and have some happy holidays.

ALSO if you send me a holiday gift of have sent me a gift this last year in 2011 I will be sending your return gifts off for the new year. I haven’t been on my game in getting my return gifts back and I truly apologize but if you have sent me a gift and a return address I will be giving back. If anyone hasn’t given an address please email me one and I’ll be sure to get a gift to you. I’m always here to help out and answer questions so please don’t be shy! Send an email.  :-)

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