Holiday Cheer

IMG_5749Its that time of year again Ashaholics. We’re stuffed from Thanksgiving (still) and frantically running around trying to figure out all of our Christmas plans. Although, through all the chaos, sales, snowstorms, holiday headache, and anxiety of seeing the in-laws again…When was the last time you really considered what the holidays are about?

Okay, yes if you’re a die hard Christian, Christmas is celebrating the birth of our ever so adorable baby Jesus the son of God. Although I don’t like to label religions, nor do I like the miscommunication, wars, and violence that come along with arguing about religion itself. Whatever your God, or higher power may be called, consider for a moment that They are a part of you, a part of all of us. Essentially, its that energy that gives us our empathy, our humanity, and our love for all.

Some of you atheists reading this are down right pissed, and may have stopped reading already. Okay Grinch, go back to whatever it is you do. Probably trolling profiles and writing mean reviews on yelp. I don’t know, but if you’re still reading consider what an actual miracle it is to be living on Earth. If we were any closer to the sun, we’d burn alive. If we were any further away, we’d literally freeze our tits and balls off. Some how, some way, we lucked out and we have a perfect planet thanks to the light of the sun, that provides for us everything we need to live, breathe, and survive. Now that’s something to be thankful for.

Why am I bringing all of this up? Well because I believe the holidays are about gratitude. We must be grateful for everything we have. Some of us have family we get to enjoy this time of year (even if you don’t enjoy them now, enjoy them while you can). Others may only have themselves but, you know what? You survived another year! Some may have their cats, but at least you have a friend to be grateful for. Lastly, we have an allotted time of year that we all give!

Giving thanks is important, but gifting is a true pleasure, especially when you gift something with no expectation of something in return. It feels good to get that extra special gift you thought of just for someone, or to tip your waitress extra when she’s working on the holidays, or to even spend some time volunteering during these times. Its in our nature to give.

So in the end this blog is to give thanks. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read my blogs, check out my page, and get to know me just a little bit better. Thank you to those that took an interest in what I had to say. Hell, maybe it made some of you smile, or think in a perspective you may have never looked at before. Either way, that makes me happy. I hope everyone reads this takes time to show gratitude for everything you have from the eyes that are reading this blog, the internet that lets you see it, the computer most can’t afford, and even those annoying in-laws when there are some out there that wish they still had parents of any kind. Remember to love yourself this holiday season and cherish those around you. I cherish every single one of you. Without any of you, Ash Hollywood would have never been made possible, or this page. Thank you to Richard Avery who made this vision come to life. Thank you to all my brothers and sisters on my Universe who add personality to that side bar on the right. Thank you to all the Ashaholics who gave every single vote, wishlist item, and compliment you could to me.

Have a wonderful holiday season! I can’t wait for you all to see what we have in store for 2016! Its going to be amazing. See you next year….

Ash Hollywood

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